Marketing and advertising campaigns leverage awesome content (ahem.. the awesome videos that we've made together) and pushes that content out to let the world react to it.

Göswen puts together video-based strategies that are designed to maximize your production's impact.  Email, social media, websites, TV, radio, or even direct mail.... all of these can be combined with your video production to increase views, increase brand loyalty, and increase your ROI.

Social Media Campaigns

Social Media is all about giving your viewers and customers great content to interact with. Not only does Göswen create some amazing video content, we can manage your social media channels and facebook advertising to maximize views, “likes” and ROI.

Email Campaigns

When paired with great content, email is a powerful and affordable way to communicate with your audience, increase brand engagement, and drive traffic to your website. Göswen can design a beautiful email campaign to lure your customers in, using videos as the bait.

Marketing Automation

Capturing data and tracking the online behavior of your customers is more important and more accessible than ever. Göswen uses the latest technology to track user’s behavior on your site, as well as automate reactions to their various behaviors. It’s like a security camera that’s scanning your site, watching what people do there… then turning that knowledge into actions that gain engagement and win business.

Mass Media Campaigns

TV and radio have been the advertising standard for decades, and for certain campaigns there’s still a lot of benefit to mass media. As long as your creative message is compelling, TV and radio campaigns can still drive business. Göswen can help your craft a message that will maximize your media buy.